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A Mystery Kit for Adults!

Your guests are invited to a party! The guest of honor is Gwendolyn Cain, author of scandalous fiction whose characters often bear an uncomfortable resemblance to real people in her life. When Ms. Cain is more than fashionably late, your guests will have the opportunity to  investigate a possible murder.

The Body in the Boudoir Mystery Program Kit provides you with:

  • Complete Instructions for planning and promoting your Event
  • Evidence and information about the Persons of Interest for your Guests to ponder
  • Advice on creating and staging the Crime Scene
  • Directions for guiding your Guests through the Mystery 
  • The Solution to the Mystery to help you choose the winners

The Kit is flexible and adaptable to your needs:

  1. It could be done simply by sharing all of the Evidence while you describe the Crime Scene

  2. It can be made more interactive by setting up the Crime Scene and making the Evidence more realistic

  3. It can be a multimedia production with costumed actors and recorded interviews
For a complete list what is contained in the kit, plus some examples of what is included,
please look at the Adult Kit Samples Page.
There is also a FAQ
Get your guests on the case!

The Body in the Boudoir  Mystery Program Kit

c. 2011 by Janet Dickey
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The Body in the Boudoir 

has more Persons of Interest, more clues, and more complexity. It premiered on March 25, 2011 at
the Mayfield Branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library, produced by their talented Friends group. It was well received by the more than fifty attendees. Buy it now!
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