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Giveaways to Conference Speakers

If you will be presenting at a local or regional conference and would like to give away an Anyone's Guess Mystery Kit to one of your session attendees, please contact Janet Dickey: jdickey@janetdickey.com.
The updated Kids Kit for grades 3-5
My Grandma's Gonna KILL Me!
is ready for purchase and download
Get your Investigators on the case!
My Grandma's Gonna KILL Me
Mystery Program Kit for Kids in grades 3-5

What is Wanda missing?
Can she find it in time?
Coming NEXT: New Adult Mystery Program Kit
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All kits are $30.00 and are downloaded in PDF format.
Pay on the website by credit card or through PayPal.
If you need to pay by check or need anything else to complete your
order, please contact me directly at jdickey@janetdickey.com
This Mystery Kit has a new intended audience: Adults!
The Body in the Boudoir  has more Persons of Interest, more clues, and more complexity. It premiered on March 25, 2011 at
the Mayfield Branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library, produced by their talented Friends group. It was well received by the more than fifty attendees. Check it out!