Anyone's Guess Mystery Program Kits
for Kids

Mystery Programs for groups of children, grades 3-5
All  kits are available as PDF downloads.

Kits contain:
    Complete instructions with checklists for planning and setting up the program
       and for guiding players through the mystery.

    Master copies of reproducible "badges," "crime-solver notebooks," and answer
       sheets for each player.

    List of Props needed and ideas for creating Evidence Scenes.
    Evidence such as notes and legal documents (with tips for "enhancing" beyond
       the basic black and white).

    Program promotion materials.

The program can be run at your choice of several levels
    #1. You read from the sheets provided and describe scenes while handing
the evidence.
    #2. Players discover the evidence you've "enhanced" at mini-scenes you've
       created with props you provide. (How-to tips included.)  

    #3. Actors are used to develop a more theatrical production.
A script as such is not included. Players are investigators, not suspects, and
do not need to prepare in advance in order to participate.

The focus of most of the graphics and instructions is interactive play at the
second level.

Much is done for you, but there is plenty of opportunity for you to adapt the
to your needs and to add your own creative touches.

The following kits are now available for purchase:

My Grandma's Gonna KILL Me!
      What is Wanda missing?
Can she find it in time? 

A Tent Full of ALIENS
The setting is a family camping week-end.
    Was it a tall tale, a dream, a prank? Or  
    could she really have been visited by
    aliens last night?

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Future Kits: In future, these kits will be updated and made available as PDF downloads on this site. Keep watching!

Crime Caper
     Is Maxie the gerbil guilty?
Who's a Fraidy Kat?
     Who is trying to scare her into staying away from school?

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My Grandma's Gonna KILL Me!
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A Tent Full of Aliens
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