Teen Kits

Anyone's Guess Mystery Program Kits
for Teens

to assist Adults serving Teenagers in grades 6-9

Creator Janet Dickey is in the process of revising and updating all of the kits, in order to make them available as PDF downloads, as well as creating new mysteries. Check back here to track the progress of this transition.

Here's a great Teen project:

Get your teens to help put on a mystery for kids in grades 3-5: Click HERE

The updated Teen kit

A Murderous Melodrama

is ready for purchase and download

Get your Investigators on the case!

Did our Hero meet his Tragic End
at the hands of a Dastardly Villain?  

This Mystery takes place at a public high school, after the successful play (also titled A Murderous Melodrama.)

The Crime Scene is on the stage and Evidence includes a taunt on a social media page and fiber evidence from the crime scene.
Cost: $30.00
If you are unable to use a credit card,
please email <jdickey@janetdickey.com> for options

Check below for the current status of any the kits

The older kits for Teens and Kids were published as boxed kits 2002-2011
by Highsmith/ Upstart Books. The current kits are available as PDF downloads.

After you purchase a kit you'll be sent an email with a unique link to download and print out your kit - it's quick and easy!
and print out your kit - it's quick and easy!

About the Kits

Designed as a library program for 20-25* teenagers in grades 6-9, Anyone's Guess mysteries encourage players to learn about suspects and examine evidence together, then each player attempts to solve the mystery.

Included in each kit:
  • Reproducible suspect, interrogation and answer sheets for the players.
  • Evidence such as letters and legal documents.
  • Complete instructions for planning and setting up the mystery program and for guiding players through the mystery.
  • Helps for program promotion.
The program can be run on your choice of several levels:
  1. You read from the sheets provided and describe scenes while handing around the evidence.
  2. Players discover the evidence you've "enhanced" at mini-scenes you've created with props you provide. (How-to tips included.)
  3. Actors are used to develop a more theatrical production.
A script as such is not included. Players are investigators, not suspects, and need not prepare in advance in order to play. The focus of most of the graphics and instructions is interactive play at the second level. Adult guidance is needed for the mystery to run smoothly.

Much is done for you, but there is plenty of opportunity for you to adapt the program to your needs and to add your own creative touches. Youth advisory groups and other volunteers can participate in the planning and in the program itself. You decide how much time/effort/funds to invest beyond the basic level.
For examples of the type of evidence graphics provided in the kit,
see the Teen Kits SAMPLES page.

Currently Available Kits

All kits © Janet Dickey

Each Anyone's Guess Mystery Program Kit is $30.00
If you are unable to use a credit card,
please email <jdickey@janetdickey.com> for options

Death Gets a Red Card


Who would want the star soccer player dead?

The Pharaoh's Curse


She was her prom's Queen of the Nile until the accident....or was it attempted murder? (If you have a group that likes to do props/scenery, this is the kit for you!)

Rock 'n' Roll Over DEAD


Will the death of the Music Librarian mean the end of the Battle of the Bands? Did she have a heart attack - or was it murder?

In the Shadow of the Vampyre


Could she be the Victim of a terrible accident? 
But what about the bite marks on her neck?

Future Kits to be updated:

The Cracks in the Wall

He was found at the library's construction site. Was there an accident? Or a cold case murder?

The Disappearance of Angela Day

Is she a runaway? Or the victim of a crime?

Heavy Metal Kidnapping

Be the Hero! Players research how to rescue the two kidnap victims, then use their research skills to catch the kidnapper! (NOTE: This kit has a different, research-based format.)
Email <questions@janetdickey.com> if you'd like to know more details about any of the kits